Venture Capital

If you looked at my Professional Experience page, you’ll know that I worked at a Silicon Valley startup and continue to work with startup clients. This is because my long-term goal is Venture Capital.

Why VC for Me?

I am extremely passionate about innovation and technology. It is my dream to change the world by offering guidance and mentorship (and of course, money) to startups that will change the way society functions for the better.

So Why Aren’t You Doing VC Already?

I think every VC should have startup experience. I’m beginning my journey working with startups because I want to know what it’s like to be working in the trenches, spending every day building something for the future. Only with that understanding will I be armed with the following two things: (1) Empathy, to understand the founders and the team I am investing in and (2) Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. What do I want to see in a team and what do I want to avoid or address right away because I know it won’t work?

What Areas of Technology?

Of interest to me is consumer technology. How can I find the next Facebook or Youtube, and what will that look like? If you think you’re creating the next big hit that will change the everyday consumer’s world, let’s talk!

I am also particularly passionate about vegan/sustainable-food companies, as well as fitness companies. Being an enthusiastic (but not over-the-top) vegan and a total fitness fanatic, both these sectors of innovation are extremely relevant to me. I am deeply familiar with them, so if you have a venture in either of these areas, let’s talk about it!