SEO Writing Services

I help you create meaningful content
to engage your audience.

I help startups and small businesses write SEO-optimized content that ranks, boosts their credibility, and generates business.

How I Can Help You:

Given my writing expertise and given that I am in the top 2% of writers with 110 wpm average and 98+% accuracy, I am uniquely qualified.

I’m proud to have a 100% satisfaction rate writing content that generates thousands of views and leads to real conversion.

The following topics are ones I write about because I love them and because I am an expert on them. These include:

• Fitness
• Pets
• Tech/Startups
• Venture Capital
• Career Coaching
• LinkedIn Personal Branding
• Plant-Based/Sustainable Food
• Equestrian/Horses
• Real Estate

Got another topic in mind? I’m always curious to write on new topics, so reach out to me and let’s see if we can work something out! Contact:

Results You Can Count On:

Valuable: My content is nothing short of a value-add. Otherwise, why bother? This content will be high-quality and shareable, a piece you are proud of.

Data-Driven: Ever read a BS story backed by nonsense? Yea, I didn’t like it either. This piece will be backed by credible sources and include citations. It will also include basic SEO optimization, so long as you can provide me with keywords.

Clear: The worst thing you can do is put out content full of jargon. Speak to people like they’re 5th graders and they’ll love you for it. My writing is easy to understand and gets the point across.

Engaging: Let’s face it: some writing is bland. Mine is not. Your readers will keep reading, and they will thank you for providing an engaging piece.

What Does The Process Look Like?

Consultation: What are your needs? What pieces are you looking for? How long do the pieces need to be? Do you need a content audit? This can be worked out over a call (30 minutes) or over email. This helps get us on the same page and ensures I know exactly how to help you most.

Game Plan: You send me a document, or I make it for you, outlining what you need, including the topic, keywords, an outline, and word-count. This includes keyword research to make sure your content has the highest chance possible of ranking on Google and generating business.

First Draft: After 5 business days (this may fluctuate a bit, depending on the amount of research required), I’ll hit you with the first draft on Google Docs. Then, you’ll review it and suggest any changes.

Second Draft: If you have any changes or suggestions, I’ll implement them. I value feedback because I want to give you the best piece possible. Every editor has slightly different preferences, and I want to match the work I produce for you to those preferences.

Presto! A Finished Piece: Complete with SEO optimization and tailored exactly to your needs, your finished piece will be something to write home about. You’ll be proud of it!

Your work is 100% guaranteed original. Pieces start at $250 each for 1,000 words, and final price depends on the amount of research and time required. Packages offered.

Let your content (through me) establish your presence in an industry and accelerate business growth.

Read some of my work here.

More samples include: Wysefit, ClassPass,, HomeLight, Growth Hack Your Career

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