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Launch a career in startups. Do what you love. Change the world.

Are you a student or young professional who isn’t sure how to break into startups? Who doesn’t know what they want? I get it. I was that person, and it was hard to navigate that alone.

That’s why I started Mameesh Coaching, to help YOU break into the startup world through coaching, resume reviews, and personal brand building. Startups are exciting, fast-paced places filled with lots of growth and change.

I help:
🧡 Students
🧡 New grads
🧡 Young professionals

…break into startups and THRIVE in them. I do this through:
✅ Personalized 1:1 coaching
✅ Resume reviews
✅ Strategy sessions
✅ Personal brand building

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Caroline has been such an amazing and supportive mentor to me so far. From our very first conversation on LinkedIn, her desire to see me grow and succeed on my journey and her willingness to guide me through the process absolutely blew me away. Jumping on a call with her, Caroline was eager to learn more about my story and graciously responded to the multitude of questions I asked her. By the end, she had left me with so many great pieces of advice and a renewed confidence in what I was doing. I am so incredibly grateful for all of her help and support, and I look forward to continue learning from her. 🙂

April T.

Caroline’s coaching advice has played a critical role in the trajectory of my career thus far. Her mentorship, while I began my first ever marketing position, gave me the confidence I needed to realize my full potential and capabilities. Knowing I had someone readily available when I needed guidance was the support I needed while entering into a whole new field. Additionally, her job prep tips helped improve my resume so it highlighted my experience and abilities effectively to potential employers.

Daniel L.

Caroline was really helpful and friendly with me throughout our conversation. She was easy to talk to and understand. We talked about my resume in detail and she also gave me some very good suggestions which when I implemented helped me land a few opportunities. She also suggested me a few platforms to look for opportunities as well as motivated me to come out of my comfort zone and grow. Overall, it was great talking to Caroline and I am happy I got an opportunity to connect with her.

Yash S.

Caroline helped me gain my footing at my first post-grad job at Tellus. Her guidance and support extended past just the position, and she helped me navigate my way through startup culture and job hunting while answering any questions I had along the way. She truly went above and beyond to make sure that I was reaching my full potential and getting as much experience as possible. Anyone under her mentorship is incredibly lucky and in good hands.

Hannah E.

Caroline was really friendly and supportive during our conversation. She answered my numerous questions surrounding various career paths and breaking into the business world very generously. Her story inspired me to explore outside of my field, which can be very intimidating without any prior experience. She also referred me to a platform where I can find startup job listings, which has been tremendously helpful as an international student with limited opportunities in the US. Talking to Caroline was a really insightful and motivating call-to-action for me, and I am lucky to have connected with her

Fiwany W.

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