My Origin Story…of Sorts

In school, I never felt like I belonged. Sure, I was really good at academia, but nothing about it got me out of bed in the morning. I knew there had to be more out there for me.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, I’d always found startup culture captivating. I would walk around Downtown Palo Alto, or drive past the Facebook headquarters, and it would invigorate me. So just three months before graduation when I felt like I was out of options, I made the crazy switch from being a Psychology major who had spent her entire college career preparing for a PhD to working at a small tech startup.

It was at this startup that I discovered SEO blogging. I’ve always been skilled with writing and enjoyed it, but I never thought I’d make a career out of it.

After working at that startup for about a year, I left during the pandemic as a recent graduate to launch my SEO writing & strategy business full-time. It was the scariest decision I’ve ever made, but I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

What Do I Do?

SEO Writing Services

I help companies write SEO-optimized content that ranks, boosts their credibility, and generates business. I love writing on a variety of topics and enjoy constantly learning about industry-leading SEO practices. I boast a 100% satisfaction rate and have the pleasure of writing on a variety of topics. Learn more.

How Can You Learn More?

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